Have you been happy with recent work performed on your vehicle by Colors on Parade? We’d love to publish your testimonial!

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“We parked our three month old Jeep Cherokee under an acorn tree. The acorns dented the roof and hood of our Jeep. I called Rob Campbell and he saved the day. He completely removed all the dents. I cannot even tell where the dents were! I am so happy and thrilled. I highly recommend Colors on Parade!”

— Paul B.


“I have had 2 repairs done to my 2010 Mustang, by Jim James with Colors on Parade. I have been totally satisfied with the repairs Jim has completed on my car. It is amazing what he can do, ‘its like magic’. Do not hesitate to contact this company for your dent repairs.”

— TWG, Abingdon, VA


“My daughter knocked the passenger side mirror off our Saturn while backing out of the garage. We bought a used one and Colors on Parade matched it up and you can’t tell it isn’t the original mirror. Thanks for the great  work.”

— Linda B.


“I had 14 or more big dents from a bad hailstorm. I watched the hail putting dents in my car. I got an estimate which I turned into my insurance company so they paid. Colors On Parade is a truly amazing company because it was as if the hailstorm never happened. It took Phil Barker all morning to fix but to me it was much better than a body shop because there was no painting involved. Their tools and techniques are magic. I would highly recommend anyone who has had dent damage to use this company. They are nice people who I could tell enjoy their work. I am 100% satisfied as to the work that they do. Don’t hesitate if you have a problem, this company is great!!!”

— Barry A., Radford, VA


“I thought it would cost a tremendous amount of money to fix my Subaru. After contacting Colors On Parade, they gave me a quote that was half of what I expected. As most would think, I was worried that a repair costing half the price of others would only be half as good as if I were to go to a body shop. Scott came to my house while I was at work, and when I got home I was astonished at how amazing my car looked. My silver paint job that had once had scratches and streaks of red paint embedded deep in the rear quarter panel looked better than new. Not only did Scott fix my damage, but he also told me about some repairs that had been made previously, which I knew nothing about. I literally could not be happier with the job done by Scott with Colors On Parade. If you have body damage that you need repaired, Colors On Parade is the place to go. I know I will be giving them my business in the future.”

— John P., Danville, VA


“I purchased a new 2012 Nissan Frontier pickup about a month and a half ago. A few weeks afterward, I noticed a small shallow dent on the hood. Apparently it was there when I got the truck, but I hadn’t noticed. Needless to say, I was a bit upset, since I just got the vehicle, and I am particular about my vehicles anyway.

“After considerable research, I decided to call Colors On Parade to see if the dent could be repaired without having to go to a body shop.I called and left a message and a couple hours later, Mr. Wayne Sizemore from Colors On Parade called. We set up an appointment when he could look at the damage and give me an estimate.

“I met with him and he indicated this would be an easy repair that wouldn’t take long. He came to my office and completed the work in about 30 minutes. After Mr. Sizemore finished, my hood looked perfect! I couldn’t tell there was ever anything wrong.

“I highly recommend Colors On Parade and Wayne Sizemore. I couldn’t be happier with the results! Colors On Parade saved me a great deal of time and hassle, not to mention the cost was about a third of what a body shop wanted to do the repair. Thanks for a great job. I will tell all my friends about your great service.”

— Jeff B., Martinsville, VA


“I had the pleasure of having my BLACK Toyota 4 Runner worked on by Colors on Parade this past week. Although the company came highly recommended, I still had reservations since I knew the damage on my truck was bad, not to mention black, the color that exposes every scratch and ding. I thought how in the world could it ever look brand new after looking like it did when I bought the car. Oh how I was wrong. When I saw my truck not only did it look brand new but the entire vehicle had been hand waxed and looking spotless. I’m so unbelievably impressed by the professional, timely and incredible detailed work that was done to my truck. From start to finish the process was seamless, starting from a free estimate(they come to you), to an appointment within 3 days, to one extremely happy customer for an incredibly reasonable price. Hands down the best money I spent in a long time. Words cannot express how happy I am with the work that Michael Klimchuk, Colors on Parade, did to my vehicle. Thank you Colors on Parade for turning my 4 Runner into a new truck for me, you did a remarkable job.”

— Kendall C., Roanoke, VA


“Mike, Thanks for doing such a great job! I’ll be happy to refer friends to you and Phil!”

— Jane J., Salem, VA


“Love the work that Phil did on my Audi today! Amazing results! This is the second time I use this company and have loved the results! Great, prompt customer service! I will definitely recommend Colors On Parade SW Virginia to everyone! Thanks Phil your the best!!!!”

— Michelle D-L., Roanoke, VA


“Loved the work that you did on my car. Cost effective and work was quality.”

— Tara H., Salem, VA


“After an ‘oops’ on my part, I thought that the nasty scrapes on my back bumper would cost an arm and a leg to fix. Even then, good quality work would be hard to find. Colors on Parade fixed it in one short afternoon and I couldn’t even tell where the damage had been done! A great idea for those desiring quality as well as a practical answer to those hard to fix jobs. Thanks, Mike!”

— Raquel T., Wirtz, VA


“Thank you so much for repairing my hail damage. It’s like it never happened!”

— George N., Roanoke, VA


“After I scraped my bumper I thought nothing would fix my car, but you guys made it look like it never happened. Thank you!”

— Angie P., Lynchburg, VA


“I can’t believe how much newer my car looks without all the door dings! Thanks for the great work!”

— Dale C., Salem, VA