Paint Repair

Spot Blends and Refinishing

Odyessy Before and AfterAt Colors on Parade our paint repair process and methods are the core of our system. Our system repairs the surface damage on your panels, bumpers, fenders, doors and mirrors. Then we duplicate your car’s original paint in our mobile laboratory, making repairs seamless and invisible. Because we only paint the damage and not the entire panel,? we preserve more of the vehicle’s original paint, which provides a better quality repair, in less time, for less money.

Touch Up Repairs

Jeep Before and AfterFor smaller chips and scratches, we offer an extremely affordable Touch Up option. We custom match your vehicle’s paint in our mobile laboratory, and using special tools, fill in the damaged area. Our skillful technicians use this technique to reduce the visibility of rock chips and small scratches for a fraction of the cost of spot blending or refinishing.

Scratch Removal and Polishing

For fine clearcoat scratches that cause your vehicle’s finish to look aged, hazy and faded, our certified technicians use a professional three-step system to remove these scratches and refresh your vehicle’s finish.

Headlight RestorationOver time headlight lenses can grow foggy, and cause your car to produce dim, dangerous light.

Our technicians offer a restoration service that is similar to our scratch removal surface. We can polish your lights to restore their original clarity to ensure safe driving and maximum visibility.

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